Green foods. Garden of Life Perfect Food.

  1. Green foods. Garden of Life Perfect Food.

    Anyone use this stuff?

    My wife was at the heatlh food store and was interesting in trying some.

    Any benefits?

  2. Veggies in a bottle in a general sense. So, if you don't many veggies, it can probably help in that regard, tho like other supplemental powders, it won't replace the real deal.

  3. I use Vitamineral Green by Healthforce Nutritionals, a big tree hugger company but a real good product and I did alot of comparisons. I use 2 real big scoops a day in 6 oz of hot water and just shotgun it. I hate veggies so I use this and down a few of the real and I'm good.

  4. If you can't get fruits veggies than that's about as good as it gets. It's just not a good replacement IMO, the real foods have other phytochemicals, enzymes and fiber that you probably won't get in many products.
  5. Pure Synergy - Excellent Green Drink

    I've used many, and this is the only one where I feel like I'm on it. Most green drinks are solid in terms of giving you a fruit and vegetable supplement, but some are exceptional in as full spectrum health supplements.

    This one is a good blend of adaptogens in addition to the greens.

    It's expensive, but worth it, especially if you run a 1-2 month health stack. For me it's helped me stay from getting sick while doing business travel.

  6. Cool, thanks for all the info. She would be using this as a supplement. She buys organic fuits and veggies, but feels in the winter time they are not as good (in terms of quality), so she wants a lil extra.


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