blood test back, any supplements?

  1. blood test back, any supplements?

    Blood test back


    ok this is what happened guys i got tested 3 months ago with a level of 184ng of testosterone as you can see in this thread. I got tested again last week and got the results today and it came back to 405ng. However i still feel really ****ty, Absolutely no libido, tiredness all the time, some nights cannot sleep, decrease in muscle mass, hard time putting on mass, decreased facial growth by far!! grows like 3 times as slow now.

    All my doc said was that it was normal, that the result 14.1 was slap bang in the middle of the range 10-31 he also said it like trippled my testosterone. I know his trick trying to make me feel alright. I said no..... it doubled mate, and hes like yeh.

    I said that is not in the middle and he started rambling on crap about how yes it is the middle of the poppulation that most people is at that level because the graph is a bell shaped curve.

    I then explained so how can you explain my symptoms of low testosterone that i just told you. And he just nodded ? He said i can right you a letter to the endocrinologist but i dont think they will give you therapy. I said why, he said its because it is usually like that. I said i am only at an age of 18 just turned 18 yesterday and this is not normal, my libido was slapped bang dimished and i cannot suffer like this for the rest of my life.

    I took out printed things of the internet showed him some things that saying that if it was on the low normal range this is usually for old men and younger men should have higher testosterone, and another printout where testosterone levels should be around 800ng in teens. Also showed him printout of the blood results he should have requested. i.e. lh, fsh, e2, cortisol etc. He didnt even really look at it he just glanced at it and just nodded.

    He said again im going to write a letter to the endocrinologist and it will go from there, i said yeh. And he said for me to show the stuff to the endocrinologist.

    However a problem with me is i tried looking for more research on the internet about what the average level is for teens is but havent really found much. Can you guys give me some source for this, and other sources which i can use to try and convince my endocrinologist.

    I know i am 18 and you can see in this thread before that i really hated to go on TRT but its been like 5 months like this and i cannot life like this for the rest of my life. Always thinking about it, just want to be my normal self. Thanks for taking your time reading this. and thanks for all the help guys.

    In the UK it is a lot alot alot alot alot harder to get TRT for hypogonadism.

    I think i might be secondary hypoganodal because it seems my testis is working due to the increaes in testosterone

  2. post a pick of ur self and of ur workout routine and diet. and how much sleep u get. ur body wont produce really high levels of test if it does not need to or cant do to some factors.

    ur doctor could be bull****ting u cause of insurance. who knows, but i hope u dont think u should look like ronnie coleman. are ur parents small. maybe ur genetics just suck

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