Natural Supps to Boost Female Sex Drive?

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  1. Yeah, the baby is indeed the focus of most maternal energy but there's definitely a period of hormonal rebalancing..I think not unlike us coming off cycle. It's a downer after the rush of feel-good hormones.

    I've heard some friends talk about using G and going to sex clubs..crazy crazy stuff,lol. I'm told it's also anabolic.

  2. Yeah Ive read the G is the drug of choice among bodybuilders. It promotes growth hormone release, is known to be a good sleep aid and allows one to get intoxicated without negatively affecting testosterone levels.

    Here's a great article on it from none other than Par Deus. He goes on to pimp Tranquil-G at the end

  3. i've been married since 8 years, and from the experience i know that birth control pill is a medicin that has its advantage and yet has many sides, some of the sides that we all know now, mood swings , almost no libido and gaining fat easily ,
    and almost nothing can change it even using the milder birth control pill .
    you either be happy with that or change the birth control method.
    there isn't one size fits all you have to know or experience to figure out what suits you both best, some uses condoms ( unlubricated , extra sensitive, flavored ..etc) yet others choose to operate or choose different method.yet for every way there are pros and cons
    IMHO, you should stop the pill now and serch other ways, i'm sure you'll be happy again

  4. just for information, my wife also gained 15lbs, lost libido, and has more mood swings when she went from pill to patch

  5. Yeah, the maker of the Patch is getting nailed because they didn't correctly report the dosing. They should have talked to PA, LMAO.

  6. Seriously!! Or practically anyone on our board


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