How can I get rid of all these prohormones?

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    How can I get rid of all these prohormones?

    Hey guys I am looking for some advice. I stocked up before the first ban; 9 bottles of ergopharm 1AD, 2 bottles of Superdrol, a couple of containers of bulk 4 AD powder, plus I have some nolva. I need to get rid of this stuff somehow. I tried to list the 1AD on ebay, as there are other people selling it there. But, ebay took away my auction stating it was drug related. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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    Other than the SD you would be a fool to sell any of the others on ebay. In case you arent aware dont try the swap fourm here either..........trhing to save you a headache.

    The preban items are now Schedule were basically attempting to sell ScheduleIII drugs via ebay...not a wise move.

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