Micronised creatine

  1. Micronised creatine

    Hi Guys,
    after having done my fair share of trials (dymatise expand, omega thunder, cee) I still think that the most efficient, safe and long lasting effect is given by normal creatine mono.
    However, the puffy face that mono gives u does not appeal to me; my question for who has tried; does micronised creatine such AST give u still the puffy look or because it is micronised this effect is minimised?

  2. Micronizing is for smaller particle size to supposedly enhance absorbtion and ease possible stomach discomfort, but all creatine, if it's working, will cause Dr. D Moon face, if you are suspectible to that side, it's due to the effect of the increased cellular water retention in all Creats.

  3. Agree with Rogue Drone, if your face swells up like a balloon on any other creatine... more than likely it will on any other form of creatine. Try Scivation Creaform though... really good supp.

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