Protien in BULK

  1. Protien in BULK

    I need your help because i am retarded and i am a mongoloid when it comes to computers. I am looking for a site that sells protien and other supps by the pound and gram. i found one about a year ago but i lost the contact info. what i have found i would like to get some expert epinions from you guys. I would like to compare these three protiens to ON and Muscle milk. I dont want to compare them in taste or anything stupid like that.
    ok here they are

    Don't get me wrong ON protien has some great things going for it but it doesnt tell you how much isolate, concentrate, or peptide protiens are in it.
    Any help is appreciated.

  2. damn, those are expensive. try

  3. i appreciate your help Beelzebub but i dont think All they whey comes in bulk.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    damn, those are expensive. try

    Agreed... Best place for high quality whey protein and the prices are unbeatable

    does come in bulk****40

  5. holy moses! last time i went there i dont remember them selling bulk protien. well it looks good to me i think i will order some. thanks alot.

  6. no problem


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