is any form of glutamine worthwhile? ($)

  1. is any form of glutamine worthwhile? ($)

    seems like a good idea at times, but i can't see downing 20gms or whatever a day to get some into the system. is there any data on varieties like gee or mgg?

  2. glutamine ethyl ester is out, something to look into. if you could get it and run a log im sure you would be pretty popular around here.

  3. i was wondering about it vs. magnesium glycyl glutamine. mgg looks pretty interesting too. i mean if the problem has always just been getting the stuff into your system, then these might solve the problem.

    take a look at this:

  4. What little I have used my GEE, I have liked it. It does seem to eliminate DOMS if used before and after a WO. Since I only have the capsules I'm not willing to try to mega dose them but I think GEE in the 10+ gram per day range might be pretty cool.

    MGG sound really nice. I'm a big fan of magnesium supplementation anyways and lately, I've discovered the joys of taking an Epsom salt (which magnesium sulphate) bath after leg day once a week or so. Really helps with recovery and makes me sleep like a baby.

  5. What happened to Glutamine Peptides from Legal Gear. I thought that was supposed to be amazing?

  6. peptides, although better than regular, are still basically ineffective for BB'ing purposes. I am really wanting to try GEE, but I'm not gonna think of it 'till someone sells kilos of powder. (Can you hear me now, Matt?)

  7. got my mgg & mcc(creatine chelate) on the way, i'll let y'all know if i notice anything. thanks for the comments guys.

  8. GEE is good even at 4.5g (3 caps are 2250mg).. I got Omega Sports GEE, 3 caps pre/post and not a sore muscle in the building..

    Maybe in another couple weeks I'll run it exclusively and log it..


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