i just ran a cycle of trimax can i run clen now

  1. i just ran a cycle of trimax can i run clen now

    i did a 4 week cycle of trimax to keep the weight off can i run a cycle of clen or will clen keep my thyroid shut down

  2. See, it's why you should learn it before you start anything. There is huge sticky thread in supplement section. not to be an ass, but c'mone.

  3. yea well i heard u can and i heard u cant and i read that thread sorry i was just making sure nothing has changed lately there always new info out there

  4. why dont you take some time off for a bit. clen is harsh and so is trimax. give your body time to recover.

  5. im trying to do a very hard cut i stopped the trimax about 4 days ago and im in pct with keto 7 trans and lipo6 but the lipo is killing my stomach so i was hoping to stop it and run clen cause i know im fine on it

  6. If you feel comfortable to use clen then go for it, I've used tri-max and nothing after it and had no problem keeping fat off. Clen is something I'll never use.

  7. thank you i just wanted to be sure


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