Why don't certain supplements work?

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    If you are interested in a supplement that works post your e-mail or send me a pm.

  2. hey rippednick def talk to USPLabs, he has a few products that definitely work.

    and btw, M1T is a steroid, not a supplement, and def not on the same page as glutamine and creatine.

  3. you are correct in that it is a steroid, but you can supplement anything. "Something added to complete a thing to strengthen the whole." I can supplement testosterone if i want to. Its just a relative term used to describe ergogenic aids. I put them in the same catagory because they were all over the counter at one time. Any questions?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by USPLabs
    I could put together a Herbal/supplment regimen that could rival Moderate anabolic steroid cycle give or take 2-3 lbs.
    lets say a moderate cycle is 500-750mgs of test......no way homie.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by b_delgros
    I know the topic sounds dumb, but if there is science behind it, and doesn't the every human body work the same, then it should work. How could a supplement company sell something that doesn't work, I can do that?
    Much of the science is concluded from rat studies. We aren't rats, so that should tell you something.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by rippednick
    If you are seriously really knowledgeable about sups, what is the best new fat burner on the market that wont kill my appetite? I haven't looked into them since ephedrine was banned so I'm up for anything.
    Ephedrine isn't banned unless it was done in the past few months when my back was turned . Ephedra was a while back but you can still easily get ephedrine.

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  7. neither ephedra or ephedrine are currently banned. That ban was actually reversed, thanks to the diligent efforts of a few supp producers proving to a judge that the ban was invalid based on science, and showing that the dangers of ephedra were unfounded. Too bad many others in the supp biz don't make that kind of effort! And to those who do, props!

  8. I meant to write ephedra, sorry. I had no idea it was back on the market though. Im glad to know that, Im gona have to hit that up before spring break. Thanks guys


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