Primaforce CEE

  1. Primaforce CEE

    Any folks try this before? How' s the potency?

  2. It's straight up creatine monohydrate

  3. any increased in vascularity? muscle size or definition?? Tks in advance

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Derek_aka_Beast
    It's straight up creatine monohydrate

  5. I swear the topic said Primaforce Creaform yesterday, lol.

    Primaforce CEE is straight CEE
    The main thing that has stood out to be has been a steady improvement in strength. My weights have been going up every workout.

  6. Creatine Ethyl Ester in a capsule from a name you can trust!

    Derek has been overworked lately. He needs a vacation.


  8. Quote Originally Posted by Dennking
    Any folks try this before? How' s the potency?
    I used it before I became a Scivation/Primaforce rep. It's legit stuff.

  9. Is this stuff available in England?

    I know of websites here that carry Scivation & Primaforce products but I've never been able to find the CEE.


    My boy Stuart should have it in VERY soon.

  11. Thanks Scivation, that's great news


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