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  1. so in english, is this good or bad

  2. i tried to include the write-up but it fails to connect


  3. Quote Originally Posted by goyard
    dr.d, so is this product something we should stay away from and is it dangerous? When u say toxic, in which way? I am not familiar with the ingredient that u guys are talking about.
    I don't think it's dangerous. It seems to be more toxic for some than others. When I say toxic, I refer to severity of sides. Sides like insomnia, cramping, dehydration, dry throat, nausea, appetite suppression, dry skin, thermogenia. If you can manage the sides, it could surly be used for something. But the dirty effects just ruin the finer points to me. I only trust it for 2 days straight. I've gone 3 days straight before and that was just too hard on my body. Maybe I'm just a little wus though.

  4. sadly, people will still be popping these things like candy without understanding exactly what it is they're truly consuming...

  5. i took it for four days in a row before i heard the concerns and i stopped. the only side i had was the cotton mouth. it seemed like a good product but now I am not so sure. I still have some left and will probally use it sparingly. I guess i did have the appetite suppression as well but for me that was a plus more then a side.

  6. The most common sides we have heard are cotton mouth and decreased appetite. As for the others, I have not heard any anecdotal evidence. But it is strong and should not be used everyday. Remember only 1 cap is recomended.

  7. what is the percentage of caffine in this product?

    Caffine has been giving me side effects on its own lately - but i wanna still continue the use eod or so.

    its powerful stuff...


  8. I believe it to be about 75mg per pill.

  9. Will it be released sometime this week? How are those labels coming? I'm ready to try some

  10. Don't know about the day, but the labels are coming.

  11. thanks for the caffine info.

    i need to do a test to see if maybe that week was a fluck


  12. Quote Originally Posted by DR.D
    Maybe I'm just a little wus though.
    ....says the man who'll try anything once.

    Nobody thinks your a wus, Doc.


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