Test your CEE

  1. Test your CEE

    This magazine I had was talking about the purity of diff. brands of CEE (without naming those brands, of course). The results were 70% of them were either not pure or had no trace what so ever. It did say that there was a simple way to test this. CEE is suposed to be water soluble and should disolve easily in a glass of water. Dump a half a teaspoon into a settled glass of water. If it floats or settles at the bottom, it's not pure.

    I ordered mine (Higher Power) from bulk nutition. That one floated. I recieved a letter from them stating that it was definatly not pure and they sent me the real deal. This new one settled at the bottom.

    Try this at home and see what happens. If yours doesn't float or settle at the bottom, please let me know what brand your using. Also I'm interested in how most of ya'll ingest yours. I mix mine in Crystal Light lemonade. Thanks guys.

  2. OJ works great.

  3. so wait.. if it floats OR settles at the bottom .. it isn't pure... so then the new one that was sent to you isn't pure either..... OR are you saying if it sets at the bottom it IS pure

  4. Buying from trusted suppliers with COA's and or a proven reputation for quality (aka: board sponsors) is another way. There are probably many water soluable powders that will pass this 'criteria' you have discribed.

    Now if you are looking for a dirt bike or some condoms BN is your one stop shop.

  5. Yeah the second one I recieved is not pure, according to the article. According to the article, it should completly disolve.

  6. So pimpc, did you ever contact BN about them sending you yet another bunk batch?

  7. Based on all the reports of failed testing, info like this, etc., I would think finding CEE that is pure would be difficult. It seems that most of it that is supplied (most likely from China) is bunk, or at best, mixed with monohydrate, etc.

    It's too bad there isn't an easy way to test this stuff that is more scientific than if it floats, sinks, or dissolves.

  8. So, other than custom's bulk CEE and Omega Thunder, which brands out there are good? I've only bought CEE from Custom.

  9. stick to a board supporter.. if anything ends up to be bunk, it isn't them doing it to you.. its where they get it from, and they make good... hit up nutraplanet

  10. Quote Originally Posted by B5150
    Now if you are looking for a [url=http://www.1fast400.com/?products_****2023
    dirt bike[/url] or some condoms BN is your one stop shop.
    wtf?! I havent been over to 1fast for quite some time....i just find that hilarious.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by 50joe
    wtf?! I havent been over to 1fast for quite some time....i just find that hilarious.
    yeah but what you DONT KNOW is that, it is Dirt Bike HCL EthylEster..... the pumps are crazy!

  12. No, I never contacted them back. I don't think this is concrete scientific evidence, just one articles opinion.


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