Does Custom's Power Jolt on the site contain Sulbutiamine?

  1. Does Custom's Power Jolt on the site contain Sulbutiamine?

    I remember reading that Custom was going to put Sulbutiamine in his new version of Power Jolt. Does anyone know if the formula on the website (for $10) contain sulbutiamine?

    I emailed him this question, but haven't heard back. Figure he's busy.

    Thanks for any info.

  2. Bump.
    Anyone know the answer?

  3. the one I got for $10 bucks did not have Sulbutiamine in it. nice preworkout booster for $10

  4. Thanks man.

    I tried that one as well. I liked it. But really wanted to try it with sulbut.

  5. yeah I was hoping to try the one with Sulbutiamine also, but for $10 bucks I am very impressed with the old version, especially compared to how much other preworkout boosters cost.



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