topical ATD

  1. topical ATD

    Dermabolics just came out with a topical ATD product which seems pretty interesting.

    I was wondering though, what are the benefits of transdermal aplication of ATD over taking it orally. Does this increase the bioavailability of ATD.

    can anyone speculate that if this topical ATD was rubbed into the chest/nipple area it would be better than regular ATD at reversing gyno?


  2. I'm skeptical about the transdermal efficacy of ATD, but I hope I'm wrong.

    If so, you can buy the bulk powder from Kilo sports and make a potent anti-gyno trans with the ATD and a few (now)-illicit substances.

  3. It is not localized... what is the point?

    You could just dose a little more powder per day, to make up for the better absorption you get transdermally, AND, you could just dose more frequently during the day, to keep up with the more consistent blood levels that transdermal gives.

    Not to mention save a buttload of money.

    Basically you could probably apply 30mg transdermal once a day, or swallow 20mg twice a day, and both routes would lead to the same results.

    The latter route being much cheaper.

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