I will be starting the my first LMG cycle below and would like some feedback.

I understand that 2 weeks is short and may change things depending on the effects LMG has on me.

As for my PCT it seems like there are a few hundred different versions. I have ForzaT (6OXO) on hand as well but did not think this was necessary with the RXT? Also I converted the Nolva measurments to the Tamoxifen dosses for my own simple mind, let me know if anyone sees any issues.

Week 1 - 20mg Emax LMG, perfect cycle
Week 2 - 20mg Emax LMG, perfect cycle

Week 1 - Tamoxifen, 2.5ml - 35mg , ReboundXT 50mg, LeanXt 200mg
Week 2 - Tamoxifen, 2ml - 28mg, ReboundXT 50g, LeanXt 150mg
Week 3 - ReboundXT 25mg, LeanXt 50mg

Week 1-3: Clout & Body Octane

Every day: Lean Green x2, Sesamin x3, RYR 1.2g, CoQ10 60mg, Taurine 5g, ALA, BCAA's, Protein, Nuerostim, perfect cycle, 5g fish oil, 2g flax, fenugreek, multi

Perfect Cycle
NAC 1000mg ED x 2
Milk Thistle 600mg ED x 2
RALA 200mg ED x 2

181 13% bf (down from 193 17%)

Thanks for any help given!