Is this extract the same extract as Activate?

  1. Is this extract the same extract as Activate?****727
    Do not know what the standarization is. DS says 70% on their product.

    also interesting article on BPH.

    Was thinking about adding nettle root to my prostate support.

  2. I'd guess this would be 10% divanil at most.

    If so, that would mean you'd need 20 servings (40 caps) to get the equivalent dose that 20 caps of activate beta gives, or 4 caps of activate final gives. So $9 every 2 days.

    Even if higher than 10% extract, it's still just not cost effective. Because it's not isolated divanil also, there may be other alkaloids or what-not in there that may impede the actions of divanil. It's always possible.
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  3. Yea, that is about what I thought robboe.

    I have those honking beta bottles and cannot wait for the new version.

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