HMB and EAA Timing

  1. HMB and EAA Timing and Dosage

    I sent Bobo a PM about this, but I guess I was asking for too much info cause he didn't get back to me.

    I saw in a past thread that Bobo brackets his EAA and HMB by taking them pre and post workout.

    I just started taking 10g of EAA and 3g of HMB with CLOUT pre-workout, and then taking 10g of EAA during my workout, and 3g of HMB post-workout. I also take 2g more HMB away from my workout.

    First, do these dosages look about right? And second, does the EAA during workout do anything, or should I take them pre and post with the HMB like Bobo does? Or does it really matter?

    Thanks for the help guys.
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  2. So HMB does have benefits beyond leucine supplementation?
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