pre-mixing creatine?

  1. pre-mixing creatine?

    I started Vitargo CGL today. Damn is it hard to mix. I sat at the gym for 10 minutes trying to mix it PWO.

    Anyway, I know that creatine starts to break down the second it his water, but would it be ok to use a blender to mix the vitargo, about 2 hours before I take it?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I wouldn't do it myself. But it seems like it would probably be ok. I base that on information from Degussa, makers of Creapure (creatine monohydrate):

    First, they state the problem with keeping creatine in solution --

    Creatine is just stable for a limited time in aqueous solution due to a degradation into Creatinine. The speed of degradation is: • dependant on the pH (the lower the pH the faster the degradation) • dependant on the temperature (the higher the temperature the faster the degradation)

    But then they seem to indicate that for short periods, like what you are talking about, the degradation is not an issue --

    Dissolve Creatine in liquids such as water, fruit juice or tea. 5 g can easily be dissolved in 500 mL of water at room temperature or in a cup (app. 200 ml) of hot tea. Please prepare beverages fresh and consume within the same day.

    Like I said, I still wouldn't do it. For one, blending up Vitargo isn't going to do much except make you have one seriously messy, hard-to-clean blender. It will probably come out of solution anyway. I don't know what the deal is with Nutrex's Vitargo-CGL... with Pure Vitargo, the mixing is much better, though the product is still thick. Anyway, another option might be to mix some protein powder with your Vitargo (in a shaker cup) and then, at the gym, add the water (not coldest, room temp) and shake vigorously... that may help.

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