Not a chemist, how to know what natural Test supps work -

Not a chemist, how to know what natural Test supps work

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    Not a chemist, how to know what natural Test supps work

    It is frustrating when you read through the magazines or just find promising natural test supplements, but when I look at the compounds in it I get completely lost. Now I have some figured out, 6oxo, tribulus, and other herbs, and I know trusted companies from prior use ex. Designer and ALRI. I will just give an example of compounds I have no clue on.

    7-hydroxy-ECMM (5-Methyl-7-Hydroxyisoflavone-Ethyl-Carbonate-Molecula Modification),

    Basically what I am getting at is can you take combination of different compounds, for example 6oxo and Ultra H.O.T they are both different but together would you get more results that by itself.

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    Tribulus will up test supposedly but I've seen follow-up studies that showed ZERO increase in test expression -- and the increase that was referenced in one study should be noted it was done by injection (not oral) and the increase was like an hour only. Big deal.

    Trib also increases other "bad guys", e.g. estradiol. Overall the increase in volume gets offset by decrease in ratio -- not worth it by itself in my opinion. (Now, it does have libido-enhancing properties and can be useful there -- however this line of studies suggests it might be due to estrogen ratio increases, NOT what you want!!)

    6-OXO works by inhibiting estrogen conversion, therefore the body wants more and creates more raw material -> net result is an "up" on test production. I have yet to see a study done on "after supplementation stops" with 6-OXO. I'm not fond of things that cut down estrogen as I don't like the implications on cholesterol, however the (admittedly few) studies I've seen using 6-OXO show a slight improvement in cholesterol ratios. Tenative but it's not M1-T LOL

    I have not seen a study combining testosterone up-regulators in combination with suppressors on the "bad guys" (for example adding 6-OXO, Fenugreek and 7-DHEA on top and increasing magnesium intake via ZMA to reduce catabolic conversions), something I've been meaning to do some research on but alas have no time nor resources. Might be some value there -- synergy can be a wonderful thing.

    Which leads me to the final thought that tribulus seems to facilitate the conversion to estrogen, whereas 6-OXO blocks it. Suggests to me that you may be wasting time trying to mix them.
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    look into Ultra Hotter, it's main ingredient is an analog of ATD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cable626
    look into Ultra Hotter, it's main ingredient is an analog of ATD.
    ATD does seem to be the "hot" AI right now. As far as Test Increasing supplements, I would look here first.

    As noted, the recent studies on Trib do not look very good.
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