looking for a good value on fish oil

  1. looking for a good value on fish oil

    i currently get my fish oil at costco 360 pills for about $14 anyone heard of a better deal?

  2. CNW has a kiler deal.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by biggun2181
    i currently get my fish oil at costco 360 pills for about $14 anyone heard of a better deal?
    300 for 7 bucks at Sam's Club.

  4. Hmm...for 14 dollars it must be canadian price. I don't think you can go cheaper than that if you are in canada.

    I bought 5 bottles when they had 3 dollar rebate one week to make it 11

  5. I could be wrong but I thought I saw someone post that the fish oil caps at Coscos and Sams only have 1/2 fish oil and 1/2 some other oil.

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  6. Bump on Nate's info. That's where I buy mine.\

    Cro - it doesn't say anything other than fish oil on the Sam's (besides gelatin and some other ****).

  7. It's the same **** you buy anywhere else. Check it out.

  8. canadian who said anything about canadian? i just checked costco.com it is the same deal as sams for some reason i remembered paying $14. thaks for the help guys

  9. numbers, please, gentlemen!

    milligrams of EPA & DHA per cap, specifically

  10. Quote Originally Posted by BodyWizard
    numbers, please, gentlemen!

    milligrams of EPA & DHA per cap, specifically
    Kirkland's Natural Fish Oil Concentrate:
    1 serving - two caps: 2000mg
    EPA - 300mg
    DHA - 200mg
    (Saturated fat - .5g)

    So it is 25% EPA/DHA and 25% Sat Fat

    But it is $7 for 300g (1000mg caps)
    - 150 servings x .5/serving = 75g EPA/DHA
    or ~$0.10/g EPA/DHA
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  11. Dr. Barry Sears "Omega Rx" zoneshop.com or omega3zone.biz. His is the cheapest per 1000mg of Omega'3s and I watched an interview of him on tv as he explained why his fish oil is the purest you can get.
    Although there is no established RDA for Omega-3 Fatty Acids (EPA and DHA), much of the medical research on the health benefits of these nutrients is conducted using amounts of

    1,000 mg and up.*
    So, what does it really cost you for 1,000 mg of Omega-3's (DHA/EPA)?

    Product NameMg of Omega-3's (EPA & DHA) Per CapsuleCaps

    in a Bottle
    Mg Per BottleCost Per BottleCost for 1,000 Mg of Omega-3's

    (EPA & DHA)
    OmegaRx Ultra-Refined Fish Oil Capsules60012072,000$40.00**$0.56Triomega Omega-3 (Pronova Biocare)5006030,000$19.99$0.67Omega Brite (Omega Natural Science)4306025,800$18.99$0.74Ultimate Omega (Nordic Naturals)6006036,000$26.95$0.75Omega-3 (Nordic Naturals)3006018,000$13.95$0.78Essential Oils Formula Large (Atkins) 24012028,800$23.79$0.83The Total EFA (Health from the Sun)118 90 10,620 $9.82 $0.92Omega 3 & E (Living Fuel)200 120 24,000$34.97 $1.46Maximum Strength Omega-3 - Buy 3 (Iceland Health)500 30 15,000 $33.30 $2.22Maximum Strength Omega-3 - Buy 1 (Iceland Health)500 30 15,000 $49.95 $3.33

    The information for this comparison was acquired from reputable Internet web sites on July 28 and 29, 2004 and Sept. 21, 2004. This comparison chart focuses on the cost of 1,000 mg of Omega-3's (EPA and DHA) only. Although some of the products used in this comparison contain additional ingredients that may be beneficial to your health, only the cost of the long-chain Omega-3's (EPA and DHA) were calculated.

    *GISSI-Prevenzione Investigators. "Dietary supplementation with n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E after myocardial infarction: Results of the GISSI-Prevenzione trial." Lancet 354:447-455 (1999).

    This study was conducted using approximately 1,000 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids.

    ** ZoneNet Autoship price.

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  12. The Sam's stuff is 300 mg of DEA/EPA per cap.

    300 total caps, so 90 g of EPA/DHA per bottle and I think this is like 7 or 8 bucks. So, figuring $8.50 with tax (I'm not positive of the cost), this would be 9.44 cents per gram.

    So, this is cheaper per gram of EPA/DHA than the brand B5150 posted and I can't make sense of the last post as to cost per gram of EPA/DHA to compare.

  13. is the cnw fish oil effective? I was previously using flax seed oil to help reduce joint pain and it seemed to reduce some of the pain. I then switched to fish oil and its been 3 weeks now, the joint pain has returned and the fish oil i am using is the one from cnw. hmmmm. The price is awesome without a doubt, but is the quality good?


    1000 capsule @300mg EPA/DHA each is 300grams EPA/DHA @27.99 + shipping puts it at the same price as Sam's/Kirklands at ~$0.10/g EPA/DHA

    CNW is quality and trust worthy. Effectivity (in your case or for whatever) is another issue completely independent to that.

  15. I've had the liquid fish oil for as low as 50 cents at the vitamin shoppe when it's on clearance, the only bad thing is that it normally goes bad in about 1 month when you get it that cheap

  16. The Sam's Club stuff is .5 grams saturated fat and less than .5 grams polyunsaturated fat per serving. It has a decent amount of DHA and EPA, but more than half is f-ing saturated fat! I bought some and didnt realize this till I got it home.


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