What happened to the scam supplements research thread?

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  1. doesn't have to be a fight, nobody's "gunning" for anything other than intelligent debate, so obviously that's the attitude we should approach this thing with... moving forward, not backward...

  2. I strongly suggest that the moderators privately deal with any issues that exist between John Benz and YellowJacket. I don't think it serves any useful purpose for this to be aired on the board. Indeed, it can only detract from the board's credibility.

  3. lets not have this turn into a bodybuilding.com forum now...*smirks*

  4. :edrama: i swear, cutting makes you guys act like you're on your period or something...John, if you have evidence, show your cards or please keep your negative thoughts out of a potentially useful thread. YJ, the best way to know the think you discuss is to take the side opposite of your opinion, why dont you try proving that glutamine is good and see what you come up with. hello people, this is the bloody internet, why screw with a thread that could help people with stupid bickering and pointless online conflict. it hurts more than it helps, by far. everyone needs to try to keep an open mind, and by what i have read, this includes YJ (and no, i'm not singling you out, but people do listen to you, so you need to act like an adult)...now can we please get back to the topic at hand...those supplements that we are trying to prove do not do what their labels claim...and those supplements we can prove to be truly useful. thank you

  5. Amen, let's prove with evidence, not foulmouth's. By the way this was supposed to be again a good thread, I hope it doesn't end like the last one guys, lets keep it mature.

  6. Guess I shouldn't have mentioned the G word!

  7. Originally posted by YellowJacket

    We know who deleted it. Its fine now, as long as it doesnt happen again.
    You had to go there, subtle indeed but now this thread has become what I begged that it would not, a piece of ****!!!

  8. hey hey hey now...i understand what your sayin man as you being more of a credible source i pretty much see what your sayin but at the same time most of the stuff YJ posts isn;t even his words it's studies. So if your saying he is not a credible source you're saying all of these univiersities are not credible because thats what he posts...not really hsi outlook on things.

  9. This thread is closed. I am starting a new one for you bro's to actually start posting info relative to the subject in. We've talked about the thread long enough, let's see if we can actually produce some good stuff now instead of talking about it


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