Longest safe Trimax cycle?

  1. Longest safe Trimax cycle?

    Realizing the manufacturer recommends 4 weeks max, and some on this board have said 6 weeks is a reasonable length, what do most think is the longest cycle one could do with relatively safe results? What symptoms, if any, should a person look for to indicate that they've gone too long? What are any possible negative outcomes? All these questions are asked assuming of the use of a strong androgen as well as the Trimax. Thanks.

  2. I remember LeanOne talking about 5 weeks.

  3. bump

    cuz im planing a 4week trimax cycle

  4. 4 weeks would be fine.

  5. I believe the recommendation on the bottle is 4 weeks max. I'd like to hear from others who have gone longer (6+ weeks)with good resutls. Or do results taper off after a certain time as the body adapts?



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