GABA or Taurine?

  1. GABA or Taurine?

    i wanna get one of these to add to my arsenal of supplements that includes whey protein which contains 5 gm of glutamine and 5 gm of BCAA per scoop and my swole v2 which will finish soon and I will be replacing it with GABA or taurine a better option and at how to use them(eg amt per serving and number of servings per day and which to use them)?

    however if there are better options for basic supplements for muscle growth...feel free to say...thanks!!

  2. Not really much science for any of the last 3 products you mentioned. GABA will increase GH in 5 out of 15 people. I'd probalby skip this one. CEE has no info on pubmed. Creatine Monohydrate has a ton (I'd use that, but its out of style). Taurine, there's one human study that shows it increases exercise endurance. At the end of the day, for me, it comes down to do I need that little increase to get big....?

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