Vitamin B-12 Injections

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Moyer
    I remember asking about that route a while ago and I was told that the molecular weight of B12 is too heavy, so it won't absorb.
    I wonder if applying it PWO would help, when the pores are open

  2. what about veterinary grade
    250 ml B-Complex Plus with 1000 mcg/ml B-12 30$
    is is big diference from human grade, what the diference

  3. Next to no difference really. I think they add a little more bezyl alcohol to extend the shelf life so it may sting a little more.

  4. thanks

  5. Bioman, so oral B-12 supplementation is useless, this would suck because I just ordered NOW's new B-12 energy product.

  6. If it's NOW's methylcobalamin tabs you should be OK. The methylco sublingual stuff does seem to work but nothing compares to injections IMO.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by bioman

    Standard b12 tablets are practically useless as they barely absorb at all. The newer Sublingual B12 tabs absorb "3x" better than regular tablets but that still does not even come close to injections.

    One of the key benefits of injections for me has been a total remission of allergies, more energy..both mental and physical, better endurance and better appetite. I, like a lot of people apparently had a b12 deficiency.
    Do you have a theory on why this is? I spend a fortune every year on meds and still don't get the relief I would like.
    I may give b-12 a try just for this.


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