Suppremacy order delay/no response

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  1. Placed an order today. Shipped two hours later.

    I do agree on the contact issues. There was a time that no one ever picked up the phone in any department, towards the end of Nutriverse. Luckily I'm only an hour and a half away, and so I went in and straightened it out.
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  2. I think If itís a international order be ready to wait a very long time. Their shipping time frames are awful

    Iíve always shopped at NV in the past with no issues but yeah they have always replied to me

    There are other websites now that are great for international customers so Suppremacy need to seriously look into their shipping etc if they want to be competitive again

  3. Anyone have discount code here?

  4. Been trying to contact them and getting no response. Same as its always been. They come around in the end

  5. Quote Originally Posted by robshef View Post
    Anyone have discount code here?



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