Phenibut and GH release

  1. Phenibut and GH release

    I know that a lot of you guys think that GABA is useless as GH releaser. But let's just think for one second that it will do the job. In that case do you think that Phenibut will be as good as GABA for that purpose or not? Or put it that way: Do you think that Phenibut has any effect on GH secretion?

  2. Come on guys? anybody? any idea about Phenibut and GH secretion?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by sir.kevin
    Come on guys? anybody? any idea about Phenibut and GH secretion?
    No i dont have any idea on phenibut, but i do have many ideas on gaba. It works,and the best time to take it is 30 minutes before training with water. Itll up gh for thirty minutes 5.5 times and this is the best time to up it.

    even though its not s significant difference ; its the best time , when it matter most.

    just like the best time for immediate fuel is post training

    ive never studyed phenibut but if i were you id spend hours on the net studying like i did with gaba and al other things im intrested in. also talk to people in bodybuilding chats and boards who have done it. peace

  4. It seems phenibut is useless for GH.

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