Is MK-677 Bloating Is Just a Result of Eating?

  1. Is MK-677 Bloating Is Just a Result of Eating?

    Bloating means water retention; this is one of the main complaints given by some users. Is this water retention due to the product itself, or because of the increased appetite that is also an effect of MK 677?

  2. Water retention is the main culprit

  3. In for answer as Im taking Mk

  4. Bloating is due to the product itself and is dose and user dependent, some get a lot and other less.
    The bloating subsides after a while for most users and can initially be controlled to and extent by increasing potassium intake in the diet.

    Bloating usually happens with doses of 20 mg and more and therefore many users that get a lot of bloat drops to a 10 mg dose and after 1 month increase to 20 mg again.

  5. Bloating is due to growth hormone increasing one of the antidiuretic hormones. Canít remember which one but I know itís from that. So it makes sodium intake way more sensitive

  6. I think it lowers potassium... and sodium gets too high and cant be flushed out.


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