X-Gels and Pro IGF-1 by Hi-Tech

  1. X-Gels and Pro IGF-1 by Hi-Tech

    Hello everyone

    So I screwed up by running by prohormones at 15 and have been lifting religiously since still. I screwed myself up pretty bad at the time but have recovered fine and am actually getting bloodwork done this week just to make sure I don't need to fix anything. I am turning a more natural route this time. I am 19 btw now. I was thinking of stacking SNS X-gels, and Pro IGF-1 by Hi-Tech. I ran X Factor once but stopped halfway through so can't judge too much on it. How does this stack look to you all? Any recommendations would be great. Main goal is a lean bulk as I am finally lean enough to do it. I want as much lean mass as possible. I have also heard a lot about alphamax xt. The pro igf-1 looks very intriguing and overall does this look like a solid stack?

  2. Do you mind if I ask what prohormones you were running at 15?

  3. Yup so when I was 15 and 16 I ran Halo Extreme, then Super Dmz 2.0. Then A really tiny Havoc cycle. Believe me I know I screwed up. The worst part is I did all the research and even bought an AI and SERM but was scared it would stunt growth so didn't take it. But I have made some nice gains since then by dialing in my diet super strict on weedkays and being loose on weekends. In the last month I have began truly focusing all week and gains have been skyrocketing. I currently use no supps and have been super tempted to try a ph again, but I know that its a bad idea so I'm trying to do something more natural. These two supps seem to work pretty well and are safe and all. But yea that's what I ran and it taught me a big lesson.

  4. How are you sure it affected you in a negative way? Have seen a doctor/endocrinologist

  5. I just had bad shutdown for months and got pretty weak for like a year and my hairline took a hit, plus my testosterone is definitely not quite what it should be. I feel good now though so its just hard learned lesson of do your research before you do things with big consequences

  6. And no I have not seen a doc about it. Getting bloodwork done tomorrow Tuesday though,

  7. You should really tell a doctor (endo) that way they can prescribe you the proper medicines to make up for any deficits you may have

  8. You are right I probably should do that. But it has been 4 years if my bloodwork comes back in fine I think I'm good.

  9. Save your money and dont run Pro IGF-1 by Hi-Tech. There have been a few logs including mine showing blood tests before and after and it did nothing to raise IGF

  10. Quote Originally Posted by user567 View Post
    Save your money and dont run Pro IGF-1 by Hi-Tech. There have been a few logs including mine showing blood tests before and after and it did nothing to raise IGF
    Did you run it with anything else

  11. Wow thank you for the heads up. Just saved me a lot of money. I have heard great things about X Gels and Massmax xt. Might give that a go.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Laxarcher13 View Post
    Did you run it with anything else
    No ran it solo. Got bloods before and after

  13. X gels is definitely a great supplement if you are wanting to go the natty rout. Check out this thread if you haven't already: The Arachidonic Acid Help Guide
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  14. Both would be good. Xgels many have used and the few people who ran IGF, I have heard some good things.
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  15. Good to see u looking into natty products .. there are def some good ones out there

    Xgels is hands down one of the best natty product .. unsure about the other, not too fond of it and havent seen much good reviews

    Xgels run for 50 days workout days .. if you are keen into stacking go for it

    Xgels can be almost stacked with anything since it a single ingrident
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