AC joint pain, cissus or what?

  1. AC joint pain, cissus or what?

    Been feeling increasing pain in the region which seems to be the AC joint.

    Feels like its a minor thing which keeps getting progressively worse slowly. Strangely it doesnt hurt when i train, but when making usual day to day simple movements. Sometimes basic stuff like holding a cup of water while it fills from the tap for example.

    Im already taking fish oil. Would cissus do any good? Or should i try something else?

    What would yall recommend?

    I just took 5 days off lifting with end of the year festivities and stuff. Thought that would do the job, but nope... still feeling it.

  2. Ive been taking 4gs of each glucosamine, chondroitin and msm! seems like its doing the trick

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Steezy View Post
    Ive been taking 4gs of each glucosamine, chondroitin and msm! seems like its doing the trick
    might give it a go.

    are you getting each one standalone? or all in one sup?

    What do you recommend?

  4. I bought it all separately, I went to an actual nutrition store (not bodybuilding related) and asked whats the best bang for my buck .. but I rather them being standalone so I can dose it myself .. or order Species Nutrition Arthrolyze which has everything including UC-II and at the right doses !

  5. I switch between a few. Flexible from Formutech, Forged joint support and Achillis by Anteus. All help a good amount. Code Frey10 .
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  6. I personally like Joint Help because of the inclusion of paractin for immediate pain relief.. paired with cissus for long term relief. The perfect combo of two ingredients IMO..
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  7. joint support xt by sns or achilles would be worth checking out.
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  8. The new SNS joint formula has paractin, i've gone through a couple bottles and liked it. But cissus xt is tried and true for me. It has been a staple for me for years. One of the few things i've found that keeps me lifting through multiple shoulder injuries as well as on the job bumps and bruises.

  9. Honestly Id get that checked out. I had a similar issue to what youre describing and just blew it off. Then I all of a sudden lost most of the strength in my shoulder and had surgery to repair my labrum.
  10. AC joint pain, cissus or what?

    Has anyone heard of a product called Joint Relief by Research Verified? A friend is interested in it and Im not familiar with it. I told him I would ask around and see what information I could gather on it.
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