Peptide cycles

  1. Peptide cycles

    Wassup guys!!

    after doing a cycle of igf-lr3 for 4 weeks (decent results but now i desensitized), i will take 4 weeks off and repeat.
    can anyone tell me what other peptides i can use as a bridge for the next 4 weeks?

  2. CJC w/ DAC and GHRP 2 is currently what I'm using and have been for a couple months. I'm liking it thus far

    You could also go without DAC which would require more frequent pinning. There's a bunch of other peptides out there, but from what I understand CJC w/DAC and GHRP2 is a pretty popular combo.

    Throw in some HGH Frag and you got some more leaning out action.

    I will end this with, I'm still very much learning peptides and am no expert.

  3. thx for the info!!

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