Top 5 Workout Regimes for Fat Burning Stack

  1. Top 5 Workout Regimes for Fat Burning Stack

    I'm currently running Oxymax, Assass1nate, Gynectrol, Re1gn, Ep1logue, and Tr1umph.

    What workout regime would be the best for cutting down with this
    Ex:Hypertrophy 3:1, 5x5, Supersets, etc.

  2. Top 5 Workout Regimes for Fat Burning Stack

    Looks like your really trusting those supps to do a lot of work.

    Any program will work if your consistent. 5x5 and hypertrophy donít really suit a cutting diet imo but an inexperienced individual can do it.

    Lighter weights, higher reps, and staying true to your diet will create a lifestyle you can manage.
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  3. There is no need to change training regimes when cutting. Stick to what works and keep performing heavy compounds.
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  4. The other 22 hours of the day are more important than what you do. Be in a deficit, exercise intensively enough any way you want (to raise resting metabolic rate for the rest of your day) and stick to it.

  5. Definitely diet is the most important factor to any cutting regimen. If your diet is on point then you will be good to go. The training is next in line in terms of importance then supplements aid in the process.
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  6. Personally, the 5x5 stronglifts program worked wonders for me, along with sprinting two days a week.
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  7. Tried and true is HIIT cardio. Elevates resting metabolic rate for several hours. Do cardio upon waking on empty stomach. If you don't create calorie deficit supplement aint going to do much.

  8. Lidor: How is HIIT for burning more fat? And does HIIT make your metabolism go higher?

    Eric Helms: HIIT might burn a little more calories and make your daily expenditure rise a little but the amounts are small so there is no big difference if we look at this from a fat loss point of view.

    As a strength/ physique athlete you want to keep your Hiit/ cardio to a degree it won’t interferes to your weight training. A good example for HIIT would be cycling/rowing/ light weight barbell complex. Sprints won’t be good because it has a lot of impact on your hamstrings so instead, you might wanna do hill sprints.
    Do what you like and will keep doing, and what won't interfere with weight training.

  9. Absolutely no need to change your weight routine. There is a need to change diet and add cardio if you need it. This is what I do.

    I prefer not to lift super heavy because my calories are usually lower than normal. 7-15 Rep range is what I like on my cut.

    Diet is subjective. What works for you works for you. I find my sweet spot a few weeks out from my cut so I know what my most amount of calories I can consume is that will not put weight on me.

    For cardio, I prefer HIIT. Swimming, boxing, jump rope and stairs are my 4 main forms. I will do a light jog with my dogs in the evening as well.
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