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    "Stimulant-Free Pre-Workout Pump product"

    Hi, guys. I am looking for someone who PREFERS stimulant-free pre-workout products to log MA-PUMP. Keep in mind that this product does not increase energy levels, focus, etc. It is ALL ABOUT the pump and overall muscle volumization. So, if you are someone who normally buys stim-loaded pre-workout products, please do NOT ask to be a logger here. I am specifically looking for those people who do not like stimulants in their product.

    No other product on the market has a more powerful pump-muscle volumizing complex than MA-PUMP.

    Here is the link for those who want to read about the product (scroll down once you are on the site) or see its ingredient profile:

    MA Labs 20% Off Discount Code: arnold20

  2. Interested for sure.

  3. Love to log this stuff. I feel like I’m always using some type of stim free pump product. Most recently used white pipes, permaswole and my favorite USP maxreps. It’d be great to compare ma-pump to maxreps. I’ve got a bunch of logs here and will post them up if need be. Thanks
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  4. Is this US only?
    I'm stim free currently useing and comeing to end of nos ether by get diesel be good to see how it compares, it's going to take some beating

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Daff View Post
    Is this US only?
    I'm stim free currently useing and comeing to end of nos ether by get diesel be good to see how it compares, it's going to take some beating
    Yes, U.S. only. It gets held up in customs too often. Sorry.
    MA Labs 20% Off Discount Code: arnold20

  6. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    I basically stay stim free year round, and have tried almost every stim - free pump product on the market. This fits my bill and right up my alley for my preference of training. I have reviewed over 60 products on this webpage, and take a lot of time in effort into my logs which I have over a dozen of on this forum. If your looking for an honest guy who would run a great log I would be glad to give this a shot and see how it stacks up against all the other non-stim pre products I have ran/used in the past.
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Mike Arnold View Post
    Yes, U.S. only. It gets held up in customs too often. Sorry.
    No problem bro, seems a good product

  8. I would love to log it. I can’t use stimulants anymore, they make me sick, shaky, and too anxious. It’s getting to the point to where if I make a single cup of coffee too strong I start to get those effects, so I am only able to use pump pre workouts now.

    It sucks, but so do panic attacks in the gym! Lol

  9. Guys, one logger has been selected. "The Solution" will be the first one to do a log. After that log is done I will select someone else. Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in logging the product.
    MA Labs 20% Off Discount Code: arnold20

  10. great formula, would love since i cant take hard stims anymore (heart issues)
    but im from eu.
    but i bet it delivers have fun whoever gets it!
  11. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    The Solution Tests MA Labs MA-Pump

    got the log up! Waiting on product
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep
  12. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Final Review:
    The Solution Tests MA Labs MA-Pump

    Quote Originally Posted by The Solution View Post

    MA-Pump Final Review

    What I will be giving feedback on

    - Pump

    When I had some calories to play with the pump was much better. As my calories dropped during my logging I noticed that I had to get smart with how I would make the product work with my diet. I would dose with sea salt when I would train first thing upon waking to help give its effects a boost. If I got the luxury of training later or in the afternoon I would get 1-2 meals in me with some carbs or dose some intra-workout HBCD which helped prolong the effect of the pump product. From workout number one you can feel this product come on. The profile is no joke, and it reflects on the performance in the gym. If I was not on a mini-cut or looking extremely flat the pictures would look much better. With such a high dose of nitrosigine, citrulline, and hydromax it makes sense the product simply delivers.

    - Performance/Endurance/Recovery

    This was nice. Electrolytes, Capros, Betaine, and Creatine are all factors that can help intra-workout performance and endurance. There is also research proving that nitrates can aid your performance and endurnace in the gym which dated back to when Cellucor rolled them out in the C4 Product. Citrulline is known to help prevent lactic acid build up during training which was noticed as well especially with my style of training. I focus on a DC Style training with drop sets, rest pause sets, and all out sets that really push your limits. Some workouts I would push myself so hard the bar would drop on my toes or almost get pinned during a DB/Barbell movement.

    One factor I enjoyed was the Sodium Nitrate. Sodium nitrate is the most highly concentrated source of nitrates on the market, containing 73% nitrates by weight. Furthermore, MA-PUMP contains a massive 1,500 mg serving of sodium nitrate, yielding 1,095 mg of pure nitrate—the highest on the market. Combine that with betaine has also been shown to increase muscle strength, power, and endurance, while significantly increasing muscle mass through a number of mechanisms…in study after study.

    Rest periods were shortened, and as I moved further through my mesocycle I was able to keep rest periods down on supersets and my top sets. The endurance and recovery boosts were present as your body became saturated with using the product and ingredients involved.


    I stuck with the normal serving (2 scoops) prior to a workout. The only problem was the powder is so clumped even after shaking the tub or storing in a cool place the entire product was one big rock. Take caution when getting this product and keep away from any heat or moisture or may be very hard to break apart.


    While the cost is steep, its a you get what you pay for product. I know MA Labs gets you 20% off their product on their main page which is about $10 off the product and $45 for 20 servings. At almost over $2 a serving yeah its one of the highest dosed on the market, but some consumers would rather go the cheaper route or buying an underdosed product. MA Pump provides what you may get in 2-3 products when stacked together on the market to put together a massive non-stim pump product.
    @Mike Arnold
    Anabolic Minds Site Rep


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