CEL M-test and epi-plex

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by GQdaLEGEND View Post
    Mtest - lunch/dinner split - I tried breakfast/dinner too but liked lunch dinner better
    Xgels - 4-6caps pre
    Epiplex (or epi) product - I did 1 pre w/xgels

    Or you can mix it in with mtest split dosage
    only 1 cap epi?
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by warbird01 View Post
    only 1 cap epi?
    1 pre .. I’ve done 600mg too but when mixing with xgels couldn’t tell a difference so did the other cap with last mtest dosage

  3. The epi dose says to take one pill twice a day.. I've been taking just one a day (in the morning). Would there be any real benefit/noticeable difference adding the 2nd pill in the evening?


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