******** Tribulyze and Exubol Log

  1. ******** Tribulyze and Exubol Log

    First off, I just want to thank ******** for giving me the opportunity to log my experience with Tribulyze and Exubol. I am cautiously optimistic (probably because I just can't help being skeptical) yet I do hope to achieve some increased lean mass with this stack.

    Tribulyze is 500 mg of Tribulus Terrestris extract per 2 cap serving. However, this isn't just your run of the mill, low quality Tribulus extract. According to the label this product contains at minimum 40% protodioscin, and if you do some quick research on the Google Machine, you'll learn that protodioscin is the saponin responsible for the testosterone boosting effects that Tribulus is known for. Furthermore, low quality extracts are likely the reason that there have been mixed results regarding the effects of Tribulus. Interestingly, according to some sources, studies have indicated that the testosterone boosting effects of Tribulus have been found to be inconclusive. If this is due to low quality extracts being used, I do not know, but this plant appears to have numerous other benefits including increased nitric oxide production and increased mental focus. Yes, I like to do my research before I run a product, and I feel it's important to be well informed about everything that I choose to put into my body.

    With all of that being said, this isn't the first time in my life that I have taken a Tribulus supplement, but it is the first with a standardized Protodioscin percentage listen on the ingredient panel. It may have been a placebo effect in the past, but the stuff does increase my already insatiable libido. Although, I am a skeptic who doesn't believe every study funded by some company trying to sell their product, I do like to try different products to see for myself what benefits they may provide.

    On to Exubol, this is an Ajuga Turkestanica extract of 50mg per tablet. Now, I didn't find as much research on this stuff, but what I found is that this is an extract of a plant that contains ecdysteroids that some studies showed to have anabolic effects and even some that state it possesses myostatin inhibiting abilities. The major issues seem to be the lack of human trials, and as with the Tribulus extracts, low quality. By low quality, I mean low concentrations of the the active ingredient. Unfortunately the bottle of Exubol does not state a standardized percentage of ecdysteroids, so it's hard to say how much you're getting here. If one were to give benefit of the doubt, and based on the quality claimed on the label of Tribulyze, one would hope this is also of similar quality.

    On to the deets.

    I am 34 years old, 5'10" 205 lbs. Just dropped 25 lbs and getting back into some serious lifting while "lean bulking". Trying to put on some mass while maintaining (if not losing) body fat. I have been pretty happy with my progress, but I am hoping this will help give me that extra edge to reach my goals faster. For my diet, I focus on macros. On non training days I eat 1800-2100 calories and on training days 2500-3000 calories. Approximately 34-44% of calories as Protein, 31-41% as carbs, and 25% as fat. I minimize sugar intake and go for complex carbs while avoiding excess salt and preservatives.

    On 10/09/17 I began the regimen of 2 caps Tribulyze with 3 tabs of Exubol once in the morning and once in the afternoon with 2 more caps of Tribulyze before bed. This is now day 3 and no spectacular effects as of yet. It may be placebo, but I do feel more energetic. Not stimulant like energy, but just... not as tired or fatigued as usual. I am a father of 4 year old twins and a 1 year old... so I am all too familiar with chronic fatigue and lack of sleep. On the subject of sleep, sleep has been fine, no noticable changes, but my sleep tracker shows a slight increase in average sleep time. Libido is already high, with no noticeable increase yet. I am looking forward to seeing how the gym goes. I do full body strength training followed by 20 to 60 minutes of cardio, typically 2 to 3 hours per day, 2 to 3 days a week. I'd go more often... but work, bills, kids, and responsibilities.

    If anyone has questions ,or if I'm forgetting anything, please let me know. Thank you.


  2. @EpicSlaughter,

    Thanks for starting the log and I hope you enjoy your cycle.
    Exubol50 is a "sidekick" in this stack. For your goals I'd dose Exubol at 1gr/day
    Wasn't Exubol 50 sent in a carton box? The info on it's standardization is on the box. It contains 10% Turkesterone/10% Ecdysterone and 10% of minor ecdysteroids incl iridoids.
    ******** - Naturally Strong.

  3. I'm in on this log!
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  4. im in... just bought two bottles of exubol

  5. Quote Originally Posted by baxmax View Post

    Thanks for starting the log and I hope you enjoy your cycle.
    Exubol50 is a "sidekick" in this stack. For your goals I'd dose Exubol at 1gr/day and Tribulyze
    Wasn't Exubol 50 sent in a carton box? The info on it's standardization is on the box. It contains 10% Turkesterone/10% Ecdysterone and 10% of minor ecdysteroids incl iridoids.
    No, it didn't come in a box. It just came as a stand alone bottle. Of course I'm not trying to downplay the product, but was just giving my feedback. Thanks for posting the standardization info. Definitely good to know what you're getting when considering the purchase of a product.

  6. First, I apologize for the length of time it's been since my last post. Had a water leak in my house this past week, so between plumbers, carpet and flooring guys, repairing stucco, taking care of 3 kids, work, wife, and the gym... let's just say it's been a long week and I am glad it's the weekend! Thanks for bearing with me!

    So, since my last post, I do have to say that the effects of these products have become more noticeable. I am feeling stronger at the gym overall and I feel like I have more endurance and just more overall umpf ot aggression; not over the top, just focused and down to business. I'm up 10 lbs on my bench and I've been focusing on back and I feel considerably stronger and notice that when lifting heavier weights it feels easier and more controlled. Is this all from these products, difficult to say for sure. This could also just be natural progress, a placebo effect, or both.

    Now, I already heady have quite the libido, and pretty much always want my wife any chance I can get. I never have issues, how do you say... "rising to the occasion". However, I have noticed an increase in the frequency and intensity of erections. My wife definitely isn't complaining. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical, but I do actually notice a difference. You know, it's like when I was a teen or maybe preteen just starting puberty getting boners for no reason and ****. Again, perhaps a placebo effect, but I will see if it persists.

    Another effect I have noticed, is that it has increased my hunger to some degree which I like. Since I was having trouble hitting my macros to get in the amount of calories I need has been a challenge this has helped me tremendously. I'm shooting for 220+g protein per day, and it had been tough, but I've been on point fairly easily all week. Subsequently, and not sure if it's an effect of these products or maybe it's just the increased caloric intake, but I am also much more regular and just overall feeling pretty good digestivelt speaking.

    I still have a few more weeks of running this product and I look forward to seeing if these effects persist, if I notice any other effects, and I will keep this updated to let you all know how things are going.

    Thanks for tuning in and until next time...

  7. Time for another update on this log. It's Friday and I'm glad it's the weekend!
    Overall, I'm feeling good. I have experienced increased energy and I have been feeling much less lethargic than I typically am. My life is hectic and I don't have much free time, so I'm typically exhausted most of the day. It's not overwhelmingly apparent, but definitely notice myself getting more done. The increasing libido has seemed to plateau. It is still elevated, however, it is no longer increasing in intensity. My appetite is still increased and I have managed to cut bf% by 2%, but my weight has not dropped, so this woukd lead me to believe that I am putting on some lean mass. Tribulyze and Exubol aren't intense by any means, but it's a natural alternative to taking exogenous testosterone or other androgens, which can throw off your natural testosterone production and cause various other side effects. I'm curious what before and after bloodwork would look like, but it's a little late for that. Regardless, I would guess that these compounds have multiple health benefits and/or adaptogenic properties. I just started on the second bottle, so we will have to see how things progress. If any of you have questions, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to respond appropriately. Thanks for tuning in!

  8. How many bowel movements a day with these products and how many before using them?

  9. Tribulus can certainly increase sex drive so it's more than possible!
    Nothing I say is medical advice and supplements only enhance and optimize your diet and exercise check with a medical professional before starting any program.
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  10. While not ideal, you can certainly do a Testosterone draw at the end. At 34, if you're really high, it's at least a "Hmmmm.." The Female Hormone Panel is like $60. Plus, if you've never tested, it would be good info to have down the road.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Wagner83 View Post
    How many bowel movements a day with these products and how many before using them?
    I would say on average a 2-3 times per day before and while on this stack its been at least 4 times a day, minimum. Some days like 6 or 7, and more productive in general. I am eating more due to increased appetite, however, my weight has actually decreased slightly. My body composition has improved as I have been decreasing bodyfat.

  12. Update: So, things are still going well. I am visibly leaning out and have had people at work as well as my wife make comments that it looks like I've lost weight. My belly fat has definitely decreased, which for myself is always a struggle. Still feeling good, more energetic which has lead me to be more active in general. Getting more done around the house and I've had the energy to take kids on daily walks. Prior to this I was just working out at the gym 2-3 days a week and I relied on preworkout to give me the energy to do so. Saturday I did a 2 hour workout without preworkout in me and felt great. With so many variables, it's difficult to determine which effects are directly or indirectly related to the supplement. For example, if this stack increases appetite, that could indirectly effect bowel movements and energy levels. Anecdotally, based off the effects, one may conclude it is quite possible that my test levels have been increased by taking these supplements. As reference, some benefits of TRT include: reduced fat mass, increased muscle mass; increased libido, improved mood; and reduced fatigue. That's all I have to add for the time being. Feel free to ask questions, and I'll do my best to answer. Thanks again for tuning in!

  13. @EpicSlaughter ,You volunteered to run this log and post updates 2-3 times/ week. It's been 12 days since your last update, what's going on?
    ******** - Naturally Strong.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by baxmax View Post
    @EpicSlaughter ,You volunteered to run this log and post updates 2-3 times/ week. It's been 12 days since your last update, what's going on?
    You're right @baxmax, I apologize. Life has been crazy these past few, my wife just lost her job... With 3 kids under 5, work, and everything else, I guess have been a bit distracted.

    Since my last update, I have completed the bottle of Exubol and I am still running the Tribulyze 2 caps 3 times a day. It has helped me tremendously with recomping. My appetite is still up which has helped me to increase my caloric intake. I have been watching my macros; focusing on high protein, low fat, and low to moderate carbs. I am down about 8 lbs from the time I started the log yet I have managed to increase my lean body mass as well. My scale isn't the most accurate device of measure, but according to it my bf is down by nearly 5%! Still feeling energetic and productive, and despite my crazy life, I have still been managing to hit the gym 3 days a week. I am honestly pretty impressed with how much these single ingredient natural products seem to have actually worked. Either that or the placebo effect is a mighty strong beast.

    Oh yeah, and the libido is still increased, the wife and I have been keeping busy, lol. Waking up with erections most every morning and seem to be getting more restful sleep.

    Thanks for your patience and I appreciate you tuning in.

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  16. I have started using tribulyze, I'm very curious about it.


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