Named after the color of the veins running through the plant leaves.

Red Kratom is known as the most soothing variety. Also the Best strain for Pain Management. Especially Back pain.

If your feeling High strung and having trouble focusing, give Our Red MD Kratom a try.

You can expect a calming sedative-like effect which can ease the High Energy Stress of Frenzied worry and anxiety!

A Great Night Time Strain.

IF your having a hard time falling asleep, or sleeping through the night .

Due to Pain, Stress, or Discomfort. Try our Simply Red MD!

It will help you relax, It will ease whatever type of pain your having. You will find yourself totally at ease. You will feel great ,and finally get the rest you need and deserve.

Perfect for a quality, restful, night of sleep.


Apply Coupon Code: mace15 for 15%off any future order.

Please message me for site info and ordering details. Or email

[email protected]

Remember to apply your coupon code.
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