The Solution visit's Nutrabolt HQ

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    The Solution visit's Nutrabolt HQ

    After taking a 3 day trip to Nutrabolt HQ I want to just share my experience.

    If anyone has any ?'s just let me know and I will try to answer them as best as possible about the company and future things in the works

    Buc-ee's the largest gas station in the US. was the size of super walmart. (no joke)
    almost got lost

    Supp Stack we could choose from before working out @ Nutrabolt HQ every morning

    Texas A&M Stadium:

    Training Camp began Thursday Night:

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    Right in the doors of Nutrabolt HQ

    Future Plans for the company for the rest of the year:

    New C4 On the Go Idea's

    Snow Cone, Orange, Watermelon, Fruit Punch, and Blue Raz for C4 Ultimate and C4 Ripped.
    Orange > Snow Cone as the 2 best flavors. The Snow Cone was $$$$$

    Getting in that texas weather

    It has been real Texas

    Before leaving HQ the crew:

    Some other things I can comment on.

    - Presentation on Product development we got to beta test 2 new C4 Flavors. They have a specific line that will launch Q1 of 2018 with a variety of flavors that a LOT of people on here will enjoy.
    - New facelift on some Scivation Labels to help improve the design
    - Possible new flavors of Xtend Perform in the works
    - Ideas of a Carb based product for Cellucor to utilize with their BCAA products
    - Fitjoy will see an expansion of not just protein bars but other protein treats/snacks
    - Possible Ergogenic Aid to the Cellucor line (my idea to the company) which they really enjoyed and the formula I scripted up for HQ during our presentation at Product Development.

    - Improvement of the Results Team (If there is ever an issue with a product or reaction call the number on the Scivation/Cellucor/Nutrabolt items) and their response times.

    Other activities we did
    - Team Dodgeball (they had a full size Basketball court in the gym)
    - Texas A&M Downtown rituals of shots at multiple bars ---> Pickle Juice + Rum
    Flaming Dr Pepper (Half beer & half liquor)
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  3. Awesome man! looks like you guys had a blast!
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  4. Buc-ee's not buckees

  5. Looks like a blast man... glad you enjoyed it

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    Good stuff, brother!
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    Few more pics... more are coming ... Professional photographer is slowly releasing them

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  8. The Solution visit's Nutrabolt HQ

    Bucees is legit AF. We look forward to them on road trips across Texas
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody View Post
    Bucees is legit AF. We look forward to them on road trips across Texas
    The gas station on the other side of the road with all the smokers outside was just as legit..
    Line was around the door and had to wait 45 minutes to get take out food. Was insane.

    I felt like a minority. I was the only white person in there haha
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  10. Right on man!!!! Good stuff
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