D pol animal stak and arimistane stack

  1. D pol animal stak and arimistane stack

    First time using this stack and was wondering if anyone has had experience with it? The bottles say take each supplement prior to your workout but that seems like a lot especially since I want to continue taking my preworkout. I'm hoping to take d pol prior to workout to take advantage of the nitrates in it. But when should I take the other two supplements? Also I have read to take the d pol a couple weeks before starting the arimistane so you can end with just the arimistane. Does that sound right? I was planning to start animal stak with d pol then start arimistane two weeks after. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated because I want to do this right. Thank you!

  2. Well the DAA most likely won't have any positive effects and the doses of potentially beneficial ingredients in animal stak can't be dosed all that well based on the size of the blends so when looking at the stack as a whole the arimistane is really the only hormonal supplement that will have an effect so timing isn't really that critical

  3. The best advice I would give you is to not use any of it except for the Arimistane.... if you are looking for a hard, dry look. Even still, there are better choices for that as well.

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