Magnitropin is back!

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by MyoAdam View Post
    Amazon is taking over.
    What about Amazon UK??

  2. I love how he just hops in here out of nowhere like the Easter Bunny, squats down to lay a couple Myokem bunny eggs, and then disappears as mysteriously as he arrived.

  3. I've been waiting to get ahold of so.e Alphadex or magnitropin for quite some time. The reviews are ridiculous. Subbed for updates

  4. Is there any black friday deals on? would definitly be willing buy two bottles.
    If I know mTOR is pure, not from human and animal hair I be willing to buy.
    Dont wish go offtopic but BCAA products flooded market, why buy cheap chinese human hair and duck fur..


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