Vein Nutrition RUPTURE

  1. Vein Nutrition RUPTURE

    As soon as I got home and saw that this came in the mail, I had to give it a try.
    As i do with all stim pwo I always half dose my first dose to see how it goes, and I did the same with the rupture.
    So with my first half dose.
    Taste- I got the icy blue raspberry. I also mixed my half dose with about 12 oz of water so it was a bit watered down but also still carried o good bit of blue raspberry flavor with it so that was pleasing.
    Pump- since this was a extra training day and wasn't planned I went on and just did a bit of shoulders and arms. Even with the half dose and quick lifting session I was still able to get a decent pump, and I even had a bicep vein starting to creep it's way through the skin which was a first, so I'm really looking forward to a full scoop. Did notice a bit of skin tingling but nothing crazy and will update on this again.
    Stim effect- not bad at all. Was able to keep a nice focus in the gym and was alert but was not over bearing or shaky. No crash at the end either.
    Over first impression- even at a half dose I am very pleased and can't wait to train again at full dose.

    Update- full scoop
    Everything from above but x2.
    Amazing pump and perfect stim effect blended into it. Taste is better with full scoop and mixed into 8 oz of water. This is right next to mesomorph for me as of now.

  2. Here's my review for Harvest Green Apple. It was a very tasty flavor - strong in only 8 oz water. I didn't have any problems mixing it. The Beta Alanine tingles were not as pronounced as I was expecting. I hadn't taken much BA in a while so I thought the tingles would hit a little harder. I felt them after 25 minutes. I have a tub of Mesomorph which I think is awesome, I still haven't used a full serving of it and only use it on special occasions. I really like DMAA. It treats me really well. The 200 mg of caffeine feels like way more with everything else in there. I certainly didn't need anymore to get me going and I haven't taken a stim break in forever. The energy was just about right, anymore and I would have probably been jittery. The focus of Rupture is insane. I felt like a man on a mission. I was ready to rage on the weights but didn't get a cracked out feeling. I've seen some rep increases on exercises. I don't think I necessarily felt stronger, it was just the animal in me that forced me to grind out another rep. At the end of some workoust I do 14 min of tabata intervals of mountain climbers, kettle bell swings, and burpees. And I sh!t you not, this was the first time I went so hard on burpees that I was starting to feel muscle failure on the push up portion. I do have to say that I did not feel much pump but working out fasted with not much carbs the past few days certainly contributed to that I'm sure. I did not experience any crash. In fact, the euphoria stuck around for a couple hours. For the formula, I do wish there was an extra 1g CM and .5g Agmatine.

    So in summary, it doesn't get much better for me in the energy and focus department. It could have a little bit more for pump and performance. Overall rating, 9/10

  3. Great reviews! Glad you enjoyed RUPTURE!

    We have created Trupump that would permit one to combine stim with pump or just go pump on a non-stim workout (Evening hours).
    Trustim / Trupump are also a wicked combination.

    Thank you for reviewing Rupture!
    I am an ambassador of being healthy; fit, and smart.
    15% code: MARK15

  4. Holy fu*k pump.
    3 for 3 on going rupture pre workout and aorta intra.
    This is the way to go.

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