Best bang for buck with Tudca supps?

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  1. Olympus labs sells a quality TUDCA product at the best price on the market
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  2. Best bang for buck with Tudca supps?

    Quote Originally Posted by Synapsin View Post
    Olympus labs sells a quality TUDCA product at the best price on the market

    Quality? Yea, I'd assume so. Best price? No.

  3. I've used am1care pro. Good support

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    Been using CEL TUDCA for quite a while now, my bloods always come back fantastic.
    Quote Originally Posted by rascal14 View Post
    Kingsguard or a similar all in one cycle support would easily be your best bet if you don't already have other support supplements and you're on a budget. I'd take a lower dose of Tudca with plenty of other support supplements over a higher dose of Tudca any day.

    In fact I've never used Tudca once and my liver values have never been a concern.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    Hepatotoxicity is way overblown. I get frequent bloodwork and i've always come back in healthy levels. But, i drink heavily as well as train hard and use "supplements" so... i do believe TUDCA helps in my case.
    The only way to now for sure is bloodwork while on orals. Has anyone had bloods while on orals, how many weeks in, dose, etc, and liver values came back normal? what brand and dose were you running while you got blood results?

    yes lifting does cause elevated liver values and its always best to take at least a few days off weights, probably closer to a full week to get accurate liver enzyme readings
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  5. I was using Tbol at 60mg a week and probably week 4, I got liver values that were 1-2 points over range and that's with only Cycle Assist and I drank once or twice, not smart, but goes to show it is almost always blown way out of proportion.



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