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    Hey everyone,

    I recently picked up a little tub of noxygen to add to my pre, and when I opened the tub, all of the powder was clumped together and almost wet, completely sticking to my fingers. This didn't seem like the intended consistency, but I figured I'd ask you guys first. How does the powder appear to your noxygen?

  2. Mine is exactly like that actually. I thought it was a little odd but just said **** it, it might be a tad old or caught some moisture. Mine still does the job though. I use it with high stomach preworkout to keep my pumps and vascularity on point

  3. Clumped is how it's supposed to be....Great product!

  4. Glad I asked! When I called GNC, they told me it was definitely defective packaging and to bring it back as soon as possible

  5. Those guys are useless

  6. Not all GNC employees suck. I'm actually one of them, but Noxygen used to say clump up the volume on the top. It's super clumpy and hard to measure, but I've always loved it.

  7. I've used it multiple times and that's how mine was as well. I think it's just the consistency of the product and it's suppose to be that way. It makes it harder to get a level scoop and then get the powder to come out.
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