Great multi I'd like to recommend

  1. Great multi I'd like to recommend

    Hi there.

    Usually I write here asking for help of guidance because I'm kind of a noob.

    Hence, today I want to share something instead of "borrowing" from you.

    No big deal, just the Life Force Multiple by Source Naturals. IMPORTANT: the tablet one. Values vary between caps and tabs.
    And not the MEN'S one.

    Both doses and vit forms are top.

    Is a bit prizey (around 40$ for 180 tabs), but that's a 3 month supply since it's 2 tabs per serving.

    I'm on my third or fourth bottle, with a month break between them, and very satisfied.

    Never heard its name dropped around here, and thought it deserved some love.

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  2. Source Naturals Life Force has been regarded as the best budget multi for many years. Doesn't get much talk on this forum, but it does on other forums. Life Force has been something i've used many times when i can't find a sale on Orange Triad or Anavite.

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