Luteolin for testosterone?

  1. Luteolin for testosterone?

    Has anyone heard of this? I haven't found any information on dosage, as usual.
    Luteolin - Can It Boost Testosterone | Low Testosterone Expert

  2. I have not but in to see if anyone has.
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  3. seems like this has been around for quite some time. Im surprised I have not heard of it.
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  4. I typed it in amazon and got luteolin and rutin. Rutin works wonders for hemorrhoids lol

  5. It was in an USP Labs product a dozen years ago, I do not recall which one.

  6. Luteolin for testosterone?

    Its a pretty cool compound, there has been a study on mice (450mg day human dosage) showing pretty impressive AI effects while simultaneously improving cholesterol profiles.

    It is also been shown to inhibit atrogin-1 which would make pairing it with berberine etc quite worthwhile.
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