competing on SARMS? 6 weeks out teen physique

  1. competing on SARMS? 6 weeks out teen physique

    whatsup guys, i was planning on doing a show in 6 weeks on SARMS only and i feel that some of you may be interested. i'll post the link down below and comment any questions that you guys have. likes and subscribes would also be greatly appreciated!
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  2. competing on SARMS? 6 weeks out teen physique


  3. Sub
    I mean if you really hate your balls, go for it. But, what did they do to you?

  4. A teen, using SARMs?

    Cool bro.

    Oh and I get it: all these SARM threads you been posting, in the Supplement Forum, to possibly skirt the mustbe21topost rule in the Anabolic Forum, where these threads actually belong?

  5. Didn't know that, will delete

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Kingkahjj View Post
    Didn't know that, will delete
    On one hand, I dont care what you do. And Im not conceited enough to be blind to the irony that oftentimes giving advice can involve a degree of hypocrisy.

    Which leads to the other hand. I see this site as an avenue for promoting safety when it comes to certain stuff. So I dont agree with what you are doing, both to yourself and for others. I cringe to think some impressionable 16 year old comes across your Youtube vids, a fellow teen glorifying SARMs, and gets curious enough to try them.


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