Follidrone 2.0- an in depth review and what to expect from it.

  1. Follidrone 2.0- an in depth review and what to expect from it.

    whatsup guys, its Sameer again. i don't make many posts on here considering the first time everyone thought i was using ostarine laced with PHs cause of my results lol. But i made a video on Follidrone 2.0 because with all of the rave their is about it as a natural anabolic, i couldn't find any videos reviewing it. Huge props to black lion research and if you guys were interested in purchasing the product and wanted to know more i think my video would be really helpful to you guys. BTW i'm in no way affiliated with this company as i'm always trying out new products. if you guys have any questions feel free to comment on the video and feel free to check out my previous video on my ostarine experience. I'd greatly appreciated if you guys liked and subscribed too, thanks!

    in the youtube search bar look up- sameer saeed follidrone 2.0 review


  2. In for a good review
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  3. Did you watch?

  4. 10mins is too long. Keep videos to 2mins or less. Dead serious

    if u want to keep a millennials attention, u got to get to the point very fast.

  5. Good review but i'd agree with shortening the video. It is a little long for one product review.
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  6. I appreciate your guys's feedback, I'll definitely make sure to work on that

  7. If anyone has more feedback or would like to see other videos let me know

  8. Have a lot of hot babes in the background lifting heavy ****.

  9. will look into

  10. Subscribed & good review

  11. Really appreciate that brother

  12. Quote Originally Posted by jameschoi View Post
    Have a lot of hot babes in the background lifting heavy ****.
    That would help A LOT, even if they were just lifting 2 pounders lol. Sorry, couldn't go past a few mins, but I could tell it was something special, so.. mission accomplished!

  13. Agree with everyone else, good video, should be much shorter for a product review. Also, the one of the best things you can do is show a before/after pic side-by-side, and include what you took and how long you took it. At the end of the day, people just want to see the physical changes it brought about.

  14. i understand, that's all i care about seeing when i watch peoples videos also but since I'm new to youtube i have little to no editing skills so i couldn't even attach a side by side at the beginning or end lol


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