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The case for DMAA - thoughts?

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  1. ^ great post FP as always.

    Good to see you by the way.
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  2. ^^^Well said!!!

  3. Great post. Ive had that same question for a while

  4. Excellent points!
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  5. There's been an update posted at priceplow, as well as a youtube video, for anyone interested. Basically, they denied hi-tech's appeal to get their confiscated DMAA back.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    this is correct. the pills had 288mg of DMAA each, and people took 2.
    OMG 288mg is very high dose

  7. Because many people in the government want to control and decide everything you do without admitting it in court. Who's healthier Arnold or Mitch Connor? They dedicate themselves to making things difficult.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by fueledpassion View Post
    A few reasons, some with lots of supporting evidence, others from just my personal observations & intuition.

    The obvious and widely-supported reason they ban what works is because large pharma corporations can't make money on it when its on the open market and as you'd expect, they lobby congress and pay the FDA/DEA (probably through shell companies & kick-backs). Examples?

    That Red Yeast Rice extract was a good one that turns out had the active ingredient lovastatin and monocolin K found naturally in the supp - compounds that were marketed as a drug Mevacor. Mevacor cried to the feds that such a natural product existed as a $10 supplement rather than the absurd amount they charged as a result of cornering the market through what we call "prescriptions". So now, those supplement companies that sell RYR are supposed to remove the active ingredients before distribution of the product. Not all of them do, of course, but the legal noise certainly made everyone think it was being adequately regulated.

    Another one in the works is Kratom. About a month or so after Smith Kline finished up with a super-concentrated extract of the active alkaloids in Kratom, the DEA goes to squealing about its dangers.... Right....

    Then they make up a bunch of false claims to validate their position to ban it and so it goes.

    As for synthetic masculine sex hormones - isn't it obvious why the government (and media) wants to rid these from our access? Given the war on manhood (and boyhood) and given that test and its derivatives cause positive benefits to our dopamine/serotonin output which leads to and encourages (in many) critical thinking, spatial thinking, memory function, reduction in depression & anxiety, & an increase in confidence.

    Tell me, do you think the elite class wants the average joe to:

    1) become stronger
    2) become smarter
    3) become more visually appealing

    ???? That's why such great things are "off limits" to society, lol, because over time, steroids address each of the things that the elite believe separates them from the rest. Smart, good-looking & influential (or powerful). Think about it.
    Great info!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Duality29 View Post
    I stocked up just in case, however my hopes are that since this whole issue was brought up from a ridiculous cause, it will hopefully be very quickly resolved
    Yeah, same here!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by womandiets View Post
    Since this was posted so long ago... It's known that it is not good and I woudn't take it long term, whatsoever
    Not really sure what you are getting at with this statement "It's known that it is not good", care to site some sources?

  11. By the way, I appreciate those points!

  12. Anecdotal observation is its to powerful and users and manufactuers are all culpable.

    I am an engineer with 30 yrs experience with precision instruments. I have a digital jewelrs scale accurate to +/- .002mg. I dilute in an accurate solution. If or when I mis dose my powder or syringe by 10-20mg I know it.

    I've spoken to many message board guys who have less than a 4th grade grasp on math language and life in general.

    Wtf do you think they ban this stuff?!
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  13. Yeah, it's helpful, bro, David.


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