OG Dexaprine &a Lipomorph

  1. OG Dexaprine &a Lipomorph

    Hi, right guys I want to run the OG Dex with Antaeus labs Lipomorph to help me on the last hurdle of my cut in the near future! Basically I was just going to get Antaeus t2s and lipomorph and run them both but I found some OG Dec and thought the added appetite suppression and energy after a stim break would be a good benefit for less money! I'm day 9 into a 60 day cycle and then I will PCT for 4 weeks and start these, hoping to be around 10-12%bf then! I will be taking hawthorn just INCASE of any BP issues! Has anyone had experience with the dex? Or should I just go with my original plan and get some ephedrine? Want to keep the cost down a bit but if it's super worth it I might
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  2. Anyone? @antaueslabs do you know of any logs or reviews on your 3,5-t2's?

  3. dexaprine with 1,3 is fricking amazing. strongest fat burner i've ever taken hands down
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  4. Still no thoughts? Haha has anyone used any or both of the products?

  5. Oh man, Dexaprine is serious stuff. Some days I liked using it and other days I hated how strong it was.



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