Follidron 2.0 or anafuel?

  1. Follidron 2.0 or anafuel?

    Opinions which product is better ? I plan on using it with a thermo to cut some weight?

  2. I suspect you mean Anafuse? Anafuse has limited bioavailability in terms of the (-)epi content and the Laxo in it is virtually not bioavailable at all. FD2 all the way...

  3. Yes sorry anafuse*

  4. I typically use anafuse because it's a laxogenin and epicatechin product and i'll run two bottle back to back. If you haven't tried either of them it's worth picking up them both and running each solo to see what you think about them.
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  5. Follidrone has Epicatechin plus an exceptional absorption package so you absorb alot more of the epicatechin.

    It also has multiple other ingredients though each of which has its own effects.

    Ecklonia cava is in my opinion better than epicatechin in every way. Its anabolic, burns fat, reduces blood glucose, dilates blood vessles etc etc etc etc.
    One of the best extracts Ive ever seen.

    Flos carthami which is a great follistatin booster and reduces inflammation.

    Quercetin-niacin co crystals. Quercetin is really great stuff. It has a host of benefits for athletes on paper but we only absorb about 1% of it orally so basically all quercetin products are useless, until now. Bonding the quercetin and niacin molecules together allows for 60% plus absorption.
    Increased VO2max, endurance, strength. Great stuff.

    All of them are anabolic in one way or another.

    So you get all of these combined.
    Its not even really a contest.
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