Clen/TriMax Stack

  1. Clen/TriMax Stack

    Can anyone give me any personal experience or ideas on Stack Clen and TriMax for 3 weeks. I have used TriMax for a 5 week time frame before and cycled Clen a couple times before (seperately) for 2 weeks at a time. I was curious to see if there would be an added effect in Stacking the 2 together. Any feedback ??

  2. I used to two together for 2 weeks..Clen made me so hungry that the Trimax was pretty much useless, because I was consuming so many excess calories. Personally I didn't like it...Clen doesn't stimulate me enough to be energized, I'd rather use EC. That said, it can be effective, but from personal experience; I'd choose EC and Trimax.

  3. Sounds like a cycle focusing on muscle loss
    Has clen shown any actual documented anti-catabolic properties in humans? I've cycled it 4 times, and it hasn't helped me keep any muscle..

    Anyway, it would be pretty damn effective at getting rid of fat, but I would recommend some sort of anabolic to help spare muscle tissue for sure. I would assume it would be close to a T3 and Clen stack, try searching for that maybe.

  4. it is pretty bad when considering keeping muscle mass. When off cycle, I seem to have no problem though putting muscle back on (especially with some good pro's . I am more worried about dropping my BF% to like 10%. I am curently like at 13%

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