???cycle H.E.A.T.???

  1. ???cycle H.E.A.T.???

    i am a firm believer in cycling supps but i have been looking at
    different sites showing H.E.A.T. and none of the bottles say
    number of weeks on/off...i was thinking 6 - 8 weeks on with 2 - 4
    weeks off. sound good?

  2. Post in the Avant section and I bet you will get a very quick response

  3. My general recommendation is that you can use it twice as long as you would normally use EC (it is much kinder on central adipostatic machinery)

  4. I find that I can't take ECA for the duration of a cutting Macro-cycle without feeling totaly burned out adrenaly. Heat, on the other hand I usually take throughout and find that it is a better fat burner, but that it does not add as much intensity to my workouts as ECA. The problem with ECA is that when I come off I feel dead in the gym, and I feel that much of the extra progress I have made is negated by my depletion. ECA is a great fat burner/pre-workout stim, and it has its place for sure but it is very taxing...Dim

  5. That makes a lot of sense, practically and scientifically, and seems to be pretty much the consensus:

    ephedrine/caffeine = stronger norepinephrine response, so naturally a stronger stimulant and a better appetite suppressant, but not a great actual lipolytic (fat-burner).

    H.E.A.T. = more balanced NE response compared to elevations in dopamine and adrenaline/epinephrine, so a better lipolytic and a more benign 'stressor' of the body's adipostatic machinery, but less of a stimulant/anoretic supplement.



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